Character Creation - Overview

Source characters are created with a point-based system. Each character is allowed 100 points to purchase skills, advantages and combat options. We believe this total is sufficient to support realistic and useful characters, though we reserve the right to retroactively raise or lower either this total or the costs of various character features, if necessary.

There will likely be limited support for "Character Advancement" as the campaign progresses. It will probably use a different system and/or costs than creation does. Advantages may *only* be purchased during creation. Advancement of certain skills may be very slow or impossible, depending upon the skill and the availability of facilities and/or resources. New skills may be added during the campaign which can only be purchased through Advancement. Advancement will be scaled to allow a player who joins the campaign in-progress to "catch up" to original players.

That said, there is no guarantee your character will ever advance. Please build a character you think you would be happy playing for the duration of the campaign!

"Hardcore" Characters

Source is proud to announce a new type of character creation methodology. We are offering the option to all players to use the "Hardcore" option. Even if you have submitted a character already, you may change to the "Hardcore" option by e-mailing the changes to your character sheet to Submission of a character with more than 100 character points constitutes acceptance of the "Hardcore" option and acknowledgment of the significantly increased chances of permanent character death.

If you have already submitted a character with more than 100CP and you do *NOT* wish to accept the "Hardcore" option, please contact me with appropriate changes to your character to bring them at or under 100 Character Points.

*NOTE* Source is not *encouraging* the use of the "Hardcore" option, but players have submitted characters with more than 100 character points or were interested in doing so, and thus we came up with a fair compromise for those players and more traditional players. Additionally, we think this addresses a somewhat disparate desire for higher danger amongst the player base. We think there is an interesting dynamic to be played out between hardcore and traditional characters, and hope you will as well.

Benefits of "Hardcore"

  • By playing a "Hardcore" character, you gain 50 extra character points (for a total of 150) to spend on skill, advantages, and combat points.

Drawbacks of "Hardcore"

  • "Hardcore" characters cannot be revived after death (by Doctors using the CRF Revival method available to characters with Doctor level 5, or any other revival method which may become available). This is due to an uncorrectable genetic condition - the Character may or may not be aware of it at the Player's discretion.
  • "Hardcore" characters cannot be the recipient of a treatment/vaccine for Exposure or Infection should any such ever become available during the campaign (due to the same genetic condition mentioned above).
  • "Hardcore" characters receive a reduced amount of Advancement Points at the discretion of the GMs. Hardcore characters will nevertheless still end the campaign with more "total points" than normal characters. The hardcore and normal character Advancement Point awards will be announced after each Source game.


A Google Docs spreadsheet to calculate and record character details is available -- HERE (link)--. You cannot edit this, it is a template - use the File|Make a Copy menu option to create your own editable version. Only the green cells should be filled in (on the Character Sheet tab), all other values are automatically calculated. Feel free to look at the various formulae and other tabs (particularly Equipment) to get a sense of how things work, as well as the descriptions available on this site.

When you are finished, share your copy with, and submit a character history to the same address. If you subsequently want to make a change, re-share - we will be copying your sheet when it is shared and not looking at it after that.