General Info - Food (OOG)


Source will not be providing 'meals', or even 'official' snacks. Depending on the events of the game, Source *may* provide 'edible props' such as canned goods, MREs, and such. DO NOT COUNT ON THIS TO FEED YOU OOG. You are expected to bring sufficient OOG food to satisfy you even if you get nothing from us, as well as whatever coolers or other accessories you need (plates, forks, whatever). At no time will you be allowed to use staff coolers.


We will have a water cooler or two around the 'main camp.' At the Gammons' land, we will be filtering water drawn from the pond as well as chlorinating it. The pond is fed by a mountain spring. If this water bothers you, bring your own. It has been tested periodically and nobody has ever gotten (seriously) sick from it. Likewise if having city levels of chlorination in your water bothers you - bring your own drinks.


The Gammon's cook tent will be mostly off limits. If you *need* to go in there, please ask first. While no one on staff will be actively cooking any food, equipment in there *may* be able to be used with permission. There is a fire-pit which *may* have a fire suitable for cooking. To err on the side of safety, bring your own cooking equipment (ideally, small plausibly-carried stuff) or bring food that does not require preparation.

Food Immersion

We understand for OOC player comfort you need to eat (and should!), all we ask is that if you are not eating food that also exists In-Game (via MR or trade goods), you should eat either in your tent or away from camp (or in the Cast area, if you are Cast).


We want you to be happy and we know you'll be burning lots of calories, so we'll *probably* have *some* snacks for you, but they will be random and not screened for allergies or anything else - as above, bring whatever minimum you think you'll need to be ok even if all we have is twelve-year-old circus peanuts soaked in non-kosher ebola-sugar, or whatever.