General Info - General Rules


Actual Firearms are not allowed onsite or within the game space.


Live steel is not allowed onsite or within the game space.


Real alcohol is not permited onsite or within game space. While alcohol could be a 'trade good' with in source please do not use real liquor. Use a non-alcoholic facsimile.


Cast - self assign a"casket" basket in the cast area. This is a standard small laundry basket. Please do not bring giant ponderous bags and plop them on the cast area. Put your stuff in the casket, or keep it elsewhere. You may also pitch a gear tent in the tent areas. Items left in the cast area after game will be assumed to be generous donations to Source - thanks!

Players - If you need more gear than you can carry on your person you have two options:
-Pitch a small tent just for storage, even if you are staying offsite.
-Carry a waterproof bag or container and keep it around camp.
Given the setting, if this applies to you, a re-think of the plausibility of your survival with such burdens may be in order.

Your personal camp chair is your personal property. You are entitled to put it out and sit stuff on it if you like. You are *not* entitled to annex a portion of one of the covered buildings to use as a personal storage depot. Your chair may get moved as we reconfigure space.

The public tables are NOT storage space. They are for people to use. If you leave articles on them, they may be freely moved, and we cannot absolutely guarantee where they are moved will be safe or dry. Use the public tables at your own risk. Do not expect us to come and find you, or know where your stuff went. The Public Tables are not for personal storage.

SMOKING permitted in most of the outdoor areas. If smoking is specifically prohibited due to flammable props or other such a scenario, the area will be labeled and it will be identified in pre-game briefs. That being said, do be aware that there are non-smokers and try to play nice with one another. not permitted in the two nylon "Oasis" tents or the "GP." It is permitted under any of the open sided shelters. It is not necessary to "drop character" to smoke.

Away from the camp do not smoke near dry grass, field strip, and put your butts in your pocket. The owners are very particular about cigarette litter.

SMOKERS WATCH YOUR BUTTS - there are 5-6 black coffee cans that should have the word "butts" stenciled on them around camp. Cigarette butts belong in these cans and no place else, period. The Campfire is NOT an ashtray, do not throw butts into it.

If the weather is extremely dry, smoking and fire in general may be curtailed. We'll warn you about this.

NONSMOKERS - whatever your personal opinions about the wisdom of tobacco use, smoking is NOT prohibited, and compared to the smoke from burning wood and citronella laced petrochemicals, the smoke from burning nicotine is fairly inconsiderable. Be reasonable and polite. If someone is settling in upwind of you, you may politely ask if they could move. Do not sit downwind of a large group of smokers and then ask them to move. Let's not make smoking a reason to quarrel on either side. Face it, next to GM-instigated gasoline conflagrations, it's fairly small potatoes (not that *Source* will be doing this, since then Dave J would leave and possibly fill the website with Hello Kitty pictures).
The Fire pit is generally the designated area for smoking. If someone is smoking there, it is not reasonable to expect them to move for your comfort. Do not assume that if you are sitting there, it has become a "non smoking" area, or that people must move to light a cigarette.

Old Philly Pike

The road between the pond and the Barn IS A REAL ROAD BETWEEN TWO TOWNS. It doesn't carry a lot of traffic, however the locals tend to assume you won't be standing in it, and drive it in trucks at seventy mph. It is NOT a DRIVEWAY OR DEAD END! DO NOT STAND IN OLD PHILLY PIKE. DO NOT WALK ON OLD PHILLY PIKE. Do not encourage others to do this. Cross the road, and walk along the side facing traffic.


Otherwise you may burn your hand or melt some of its parts. We'll hold a briefing on shower Saturday before game start for those who wish to use it.

The turn by the gatehouse is getting badly washed out.

We have put up traffic cones with reflectors to try and make it easier to turn, but turn in towards the gatehouse as much as you safely can. If you go in fast, and miss, you *will* break an axle at the very least. We have plans to fill this area, but this will be a while.

Poison Ivy exists

We may have ivy block available. As always we appreciate if you use your own, as that leaves an emergency supply for those who need it.

Snakes exist. LEAVE THEM ALONE!

There are snakes on the property that look like cottonmouth water moccasins. They are NOT. They are eastern water snakes. They will only bite you if you fuck with them. Leave them alone. Cottonmouths are out of range, and the fact that our snakes are Eastern Water Snakes has been established by prolonged close up observation, not speculation, by someone who has dealt with real cottonmouth moccasins at close range. They are useful predators. If you kill one, you can expect the GMs to feed it to you uncooked.

Copperheads and Rattlesnakes are theoretically within range, but should you receive a snakebite, we are very close to excellent medical facilities. We have never actually SEEN any on the property, and they are both vanishingly rare in the area.

Black snakes are common and harmless. "Blacksnakes that have crossbred with water moccasins" is an urban legend, and would be out of range anyway. There are also garden snakes which are green with brown and yellow length wise stripes these are veryharmless and eat insects and frogs.

Sun and Dehydration exist

DRINK PLENTY OF FLUIDS. We may have sunscreen available near the water jugs. As always we appreciate if you use your own, as that leaves an emergency supply for those who need it.

Insects exist

We may have insect repellent available near the water jugs. If you are allergic to bees, carry your medication with you. Carry your own insect repellent if you care about type.

Stay out of areas of the barn unless you are led there by GMs or cast

We might not ever find your bones, but we might hear the noise as it collapses on top of you (portions of the barn have been condemned - seriously).


The pond is open for swimming in character.
There is no lifeguard on duty.
Swim at your own risk.

If you choose to skinny-dip - this is not an incitement to flash the whole camp and parade around nude. People who elect NOT to deal with people nude do not expect to have them traipsing around the camp. Please wear a towel, or bathrobe, and behave discreetly. We do NOT want to see naked people out of the pond. Keep your towel or clothing at the water's edge.