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Currently, Source is held on a site known as the "Gammons' Land" (sensibly, as it is owned by folks named "Gammons"). I could re-write a whole set of directions, but Threads has a very nice set already, and since we're borrowing some of their infrastructure, we might as well mooch off of their website, eh?

---Click here for the incredibly helpful Threads Wiki page on the topic---

Source cars and parking

Most folks have been to the Gammons Land over the years of larps in PA. Whether you have never been there, have not been there in a while, or were there last month, please make sure you review these rules.

IF YOU ARE NOT CAMPING, park at the barn. We'll have markers out to show you how to proceed around the Barn. When in doubt follow the gravel road.

  • DO NOT cut across the grass directly in front of the gatehouse
  • Park along the side of the barn, nose in, or in rows at the back of the field
  • Never block any exit door to the barn. Rental vehicles are parked there, and yes some of them do move
  • Never pull up the driveway next to the Gatehouse or sit idly to block it. This blocks the Gammons personal driveway and is not acceptable. It is a blind drive and you may be hit.

A note about the house

The house belongs to the land owners and their family which includes a toddler. Under no circumstance should you go to the house and we must not disturb them with noise and such.

Barn Parking Map

IF YOU ARE CAMPING, we understand that hauling all your camping gear, costuming, and props from the barn to the valley is not enjoyable. This is why (rainfall permitting) we allow for loading and unloading in the valley, however, we have strong rules for that as well.

  • The valley is tight and often ill lit. Like any parking garage we cannot accept any responsibility for damage to your vehicle caused by choosing to drive into the valley. You are welcome to keep your car in the barn and walk your supplies into the valley. We can usually provide a small garden cart to help with this endeavor.
  • The road has poor clearance and several people have had damaged catalytic converters on the road. Use it at your own risk. You do not have to drive into the camp.
  • The turn onto the valley road by the gate house is severely washed out. Keep you car as close to the gate house as possible on that turn. Your suspension and our erosion control will be grateful!
  • Do not stop your car at the gatehouse and block the road. If you are going to stop at the gatehouse, pull forward and to the left into the grass before stopping.
  • If it is after dark, use your headlights. Pedestrians always have the right of way on the road and in the valley.
  • When you reach the valley you will follow the clearly marked traffic patterns that direct you to follow the road up past camp, make the wide U turn at the top of the hill and carefully drive down the hill into camp.
  • DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES STOP AT THE BOTTOM OF THE HILL. If you stop there it is quite possible for another car with braking problems due to wet turf to rear end you as it slides down the hill. If you absolutely have to stop at the bottom of the hill, pull at least 2 car lengths beyond the 'Slow' sign.
  • If you are going to stop along the drive lanes in the valley to: you will pull to the RIGHT IN ONE OF THE MARKED SPACES so that car have enough room to pass you on the LEFT. If there is not enough room for a car to pass on your right, than you should choose a different location to stop. If this means you are not stopped directly next to your campsite, deal. You will have you flashers on at all times, and you will actively unload your car while it is stopped along the drive lanes. YOU WILL NOT WALK AWAY FROM YOU CAR TO SOCIALIZE.
  • It is preferable that you pull forward, turn along the ridge, and pull up the ridge into one of the diagonal parking spaces available for temporary parking. Note, that if you pull straight forward from the drive lanes, YOU WILL NOT BE IN A DESIGNATED PARKING SPOT. Look for a sign marking the start of the parking area.
  • Once parked, you have roughly 30 minutes to unload before we expect to see you moving car. We've designate that length of time because we believe it is fair. You should have enough time to unload you vehicle in 30 minutes. Notice, it is not said that you will have time to unload and setup your tent. You can set up your tent once your car is parked with everyone else's at the barn. Also, there are only so many designated parking spots. We do not believe it is fair to ask someone to wait more than 30 minutes for a parking spot.
  • Once you are done unloading, be polite to your fellow campers and move your car to the barn.

Folks, these are the rules, the exist for a reason, a good reason. Events have been held at this property for years. We know what works and what doesn't. We don't want to be draconian about this, but we need everyone to cooperate and work within the guidelines above so that things can run smoothly.

When in doubt, ask. There should be guide lines in the camp to help navigate.