Mechanics - Meat Resources

Meat Resources is the abstraction for the critical need to eat in the post apocalyptic world. *Players* obviously need to eat and drink, so game mechanics will not interfere with your (self-provided) food choices OOG. But the acquisition of IG food (referred to as "Meat Resources", though it is not always "meat") will be regulated and tracked.

Acquiring Meat Resources

Meat Resources can be acquired several ways:

  • 1) Hunting for Food - This task may be performed by a person with the Hunting/Trapping Skill and is defined more within the write-up for that skill.
  • 2) Trapping for Food - This task may be performed by a person with the Hunting/Trapping Skill and is defined more within the write-up for that skill.
  • 3) Supply Depots - When supply depots are encountered in game, they may contain food that counts as Meat Resources (but not necessarily be "meat" as such). The Supply Depot will Indicate how many Meat Resources exist therein.
  • 4) Gathered as a BGA - A person with the "Resourceful" Skill, or the "Hunting/Trapping" Skill, may gather Nutrition Resources as a BGA Action. Note: BGA NR are only used to satisfy BG Nutrition requirements and do not carry over to the next Game as MR (except as noted in the Nutrition mechanics below).

Meat Resource Benefits

By consuming Meat Resources, a character becomes more energetic, more alert, and generally a tougher opponent in combat. This is reflected by the character gaining 1 point of natural armor to each vulnerable location(Left Arm, Right Arm, Left Leg, Right Leg, Torso). Natural armor is always considered to be underneath actual armor. Those with the "Like Iron" advantage gain 2 points of natural armor when they would normally receive 1.

e.g. Mark has one point of natural armor, and simple armor. In combat with Infected he takes two hits, both of which are absorbed by his armor. Before he can effect repairs, he is struck in his right leg by an infected and then again in his right arm and chest. Each of those blows would be absorbed by natural armor, since it provides a point to each location. If he is struck again in any of those locations whose natural armor is depleted, he takes the wound normally unless he has a combat ability that would allow him to defend against it.

For In-Game purposes, a hit which is absorbed by Natural Armor still hurts, but does only superficial damage (bruising, shallow cuts, etc), rather than a disabling wound.

Additionally, a character will regain 4 Stamina Points (up to their maximum) for each MR consumed.

Meat Resource Usage

When Meat Resources are acquired, the character will be given one card for each "use" of Meat Resources they gathered. They may use this by simply tearing up the card, or giving to another person to tear up. Additionally, at the discretion of the player, they may then eat meat or any other food they have brought for themselves publically as an in game act tied to the use of the meat resource. In either case, you must spend at least three minutes eating for each Meat Resource consumed before you may gain any benefits from it.
Under some circumstances, Source may provide OOG real food within supply depots. It is not required for players to eat this in order to use the appropriate Meat Resources that accompany the food, nor is it required for those players who do not eat meat to consume actual meat products to gain the benefit of Meat Resources. Having Meat Resources at your disposal provides an opportunity to make eating an In Character activity, as well as provides the opportunity for trade.

Natural Armor Refresh Times

*NOTE* For Game ONE only, you are considered to have consumed a Meat Resource before game and start the game with one point of natural armor (two if you bought the Like Iron advantage).

You may consume Meat Resources or other In Game food at any time, but you only gain the Natural Armor benefit of the Meat Resources if at least 6 hours have passed since the last time you gained the benefit. This means that in the instance of game one, you will be able to gain Natural Armor at 6PM, Midnight, and 6AM (assuming you have and use one MR at those times), in addition to starting the game with Natural Armor.  Natural Armor from MR does not "stack" with itself - if your previous NA has not been removed through use, using more MR will not grant you "extra" NA.

Additionally, using Meat Resources recovers four Stamina Points (up to the character's current maximum) at the time of consumption, regardless of whether or not it provides Natural Armor.

Between-Game Nutrition

In order to simulate the need to gather food and supplies during travel between games, players will need to gather Meat Resources to survive. Additionally, characters who do not gather Meat Resources, and do not receive any Meat Resources from others in the BGA period, may suffer diminished skills, mental capacity or physical condition as a result of prolonged malnutrition.

Nutrition Requirements

In order to make it through a BGA period without suffering from Malnutrition, character must consume 1 Nutrition Resource for Each BGA Point that is available to them during the period. For instance, if 2 BGA Points are available during a BGA period, then characters eligible for BGAs during that period *must* consume 2 Nutrition Resources or they will be suffering from Malnutrition at the next game they attend. Additionally, Nutrition Resources Gathered During the BGA Period do not convert in either direction with MR that would be available in game. This is an abstraction of the long term consequences of getting food vs. doing other things in the Apocalypse. This requirement exists even if you do not use your BGA Points. In order to meet this requirement, one of the following things must happen:

  • 1) You must take enough Hunting/Resourceful BGAs to gain enough Nutrition Resources for your Character.
  • 2) Other character(s) must *explicitly* state (in their BGA(s)) that they are providing you with Nutrition Resources they are obtaining, and how many. Enough NR must be allocated to you in this manner to meet the required amount for the period.
  • 3) Some combination of 1 and 2 sufficient to meet the requirement for the period.


If your character does not have/obtain and expend the required amount of NR over a BGA period, they will become malnourished. If your character is suffering from malnutrition, you suffer the following consequences at the next game in which the character participates:

  • Your maximum stamina is set at 2. Each MR you consume during a game raises this maximum by 1, up to your normal maximum stamina.
  • All of your skills are at a -1 penalty.
  • Combat options are at a -2 penalty.
  • Characters suffering from malnutrition do not have or gain any Natural Armor.

If Malnutrition is extended through a second BGA period, the skill and combat option penalties will double. Malnutrition through three periods is fatal.

In Game, Malnutrition may be treated. This involves force feeding the individual and using an extended CRF treatment to ensure that the nutrients are distributed in the most efficient way possible, and lost muscle is rebuilt.

Requirements: Doctor 4 + 4 Meat Resources + 1 Dose of CRF
Challenge Time: 1 Hour
Retry Limit: none
On Failure: 4 Meat Resources + 1 Dose of CRF are Consumed.
Assistant Limit: 1 Assistant (Doctor 4)