Game Mechanics - Exposure, Diagnosis and Medical Treatment

Source is trying to handle First Aid and Doctor are a little more realistically than LARPs typically do, while trying to avoid (with the help of hand-wavy future-science) making the game unplayably irritating. Hopefully we've struck a balance there that will be interesting and fun.


There will be an OOG box in camp (near the "Hunting Party Active/Inactive"/"Goggles On/Off" signs) marked "Exposure". Whenever you are wounded by an Infected, as soon as you can, write your character name, player name and the time on a piece of paper/post-it and drop it in the box. GM's will periodically process the notes to test for infection and find the unlucky ones to apply the appropriate makeup (unless they have and decide to retest with Hardy at that time).


Any character (regardless of skill) may state to an injured character "Forsooth: Evaluate". This is the equivalent of looking them over, checking pulse and whatnot. The injured character should give a discription of obvious wounds and a vague sense of MWC via pulse: Strong, Slow, Weak, Thready, No Pulse.


A character with First Aid 1 may state to a character "Forsooth: Diagnose". In addition to the above, the character should reveal their exact MWC (if any), show any Challenge note they may have been given for a systemic condition and reveal if they have been Exposed (whether they've received makeup yet or not).

First Aid

First Aid largely involves quickly stabilizing a patient until they can be treated more comprehensively. It is only effective on melee or bullet wounds - energy wounds, systemic conditions and Stamina damage cannot be treated with First Aid. A Character's MWC (if applicable) does *not* pause/stop during FA treatment, only after it is successful. The treatment involves applying bandages, quick-coagulating powder, etc. (none of which need be purchased with Gear - but which is not provided by Source - bring whatever you want to make it nifty). A single use of this skill treats the patient as a whole.

Requirements: First Aid 1 (melee) or First Aid 2 (bullet)
Cycle Time: 1 minute
Retry limit: none (while patient is alive)
On Failure: N/A
Assistant Limit: 1 (First Aid 1)
Success: The patient is stabilized (MWC stops). Any injured limbs may be used for "light duty" - limping, performing non-strenuous activities. Any attempt to significantly use an injured limb (or do anything other than walk with help for a torso wound) will re-open the injury. Stabilized wounds will not improve further during the game without CRF treatment.


Use of the Doctor skill generally represents treatment with CRF (Cellular Regeneration Factor) and a "CRF Device". A model of modern medical magic, this Greentec device combines delicate sensors and analysis with powerful and precise electrical stimulation. Wounds successfully treated with CRF will be fully healed within 30 minutes of the treatment, and the very process of CRF treatment will stabilize a patient (any MWC will pause during active treatment).

The patient is first injected with a dose of CRF (handy CRF hyposprays provided by Source). A single dose of CRF will last for 15 minutes, allowing multiple wounds to be treated. Then each wound must be treated individually with a CRF Device (provided by Source but must be purchased with Gear or obtained In-Game), carefully managing the delicate interplay of electrical fields with potent bio-molecules (fiddle knobs! Hmm meaningfully and say "damn!" occasionally!). For torso wounds, the patient's heart may stop or fibrillate during treatment (at the discretion of the patient's Player) - the CRF may be used to defibrillate in this event without disrupting treatment.

"Field CRF" is effective only within 30 minutes of the original injury - wounds older than that would require a hospital-class CRF machine, or traditional (i.e. slow as hell) medicine.

Requirements: Doctor 1 (melee) or 2 (bullet) or 3 (energy) or 4 (systemic) + Active CRF dose + CRF Device
Cycle Time: 2 minutes
Retry limit: none (while patient is alive)
On Failure: N/A
Assistant Limit: 1 (Doctor 1)
Success: The wound is sealed and anesthestized. Injured limbs (or torso) may be used with care - walking, performing non-strenuous Skills, but not fighting or running. Any attempt to over-exert will cause an internal "melee" wound (including a new MWC for torso) at the relevant location. After 30 minutes, the wound will be completely healed with only minor stiffness. Additionally, successful Field CRF will immediately bring a patient back up to (but not above) 3 Stamina Points (even if their 'natural' maximum is greater).

"CRF Revival" is an incredibly delicate procedure by which cell damage after brain death is halted and reversed, and the neural paths are coaxed back to activity. If there is gross physical damage to the brain (due to gunshot or other penetration), even a successful revival may result in significant loss of function (and Character Points), or in extreme cases make revival impossible. Even in an ideal situation, Revival may result in mild loss of function (and Character Points). Like Field CRF, without a hospital-class CRF machine, Revival is only possible within 30 minutes of brain death.

The Revival process leaves the brain in a fragile state for a period of days - if brain death occurs again during this period, subsequent CRF Revival attempts will not be successful (i.e. once per game).

Requirements: Doctor 5 + CRF dose + CRF Device
Cycle Time: 5 minutes
Retry limit: none (until 30 minute limit has elapsed)
On Failure: N/A
Assistant Limit: 1 (Doctor 3)
Success: The patient is alive. Any other wounds will need to be treated separately with Field CRF, using a *separate dose* of CRF - I'd recommend starting with the one that killed them, but that's just a suggestion. Consult a GM immediately for determination of CP-loss.

"Traditional Medicine"
Characters with Doctor probably know about the old-fashioned stuff too, but it won't come up often enough for us to care - RP it however you care to, ask a GM if you want it to do something meaningful.