Game Mechanics - Skills - Hunting/Trapping

You may notice that Hunting/Trapping have some seemingly arbitrary limitations - we are sacrificing some realism to properly simulate scarcity, for game balance, and to manage Cast resources.


Using this skill requires traveling into a wooded area that cannot be within sight of the main camp of the game. Once an appropriate place is selected, the player must then place a trap tarp and anchor it in place. Once anchored the trap can be left. After two hours, a trap can be checked to see if it has caught anything. The player travels to the trap and makes a skill Test. If successful, they acquire 1 Meat Resource to use as they see fit, otherwise there was nothing caught in the trap. The trap is not expended in either case, and may be checked again after another two hours.

Each Character with H/T may only have one food trap out at a time per level they have in the skill (this limit may not be bypassed via Mentoring). Each trap should be at least 20 yards away from camp and/or any other trap (yours or someone else's).

The cycle time may change as In-Game conditions change.


Using this skill requires extended travel away from the camp. This must be a wooded area away from a road and not in easy shouting distance of camp. No one may accompany a hunter unless they themselves have Hunting/Trapping. If a non-hunter is encountered during a hunting trip, the timer of a hunting trip is reset as an untrained individual has scared off the game. After 30 minutes, the player makes a skill Test. If they succeed, they have downed large game and acquire 4 meat resources to use as they see fit. After returning from a hunting trip, no hunter involved may go on another trip for 6 hours. No more than one hunting trip may be away from the camp at any given time (there will be a sign/flag in camp to indicate if a Hunting trip is out).

If multiple hunters go on a hunting trip, they may assist the Primary Hunter as normal (success gives 4 MR regardless of the number of Assistants). There is no maximum to the amount of secondary hunters on a hunting trip.

Man Traps

This skill can be used to set traps for Infected(and non-Infected). Unlike trapping and hunting for food, this can be done anywhere within game space. There is no Test - digging a man trap requires two man-hours per 1 person capacity. A trapper can have one assistant digging, who need not be a trapper themselves. This reduces the amount of time to one hour. A trap tarp (cheap blue poly material that makes an unmistakable crinkling sound when stepped on) is placed and anchored at the desired spot. Additionally a number of Infected Markers must be placed on the trap with the blank side up. The number of Markers is equal to the trapper's skill rating - the set up time for the trap (two hours or one with an assistant) is *per* Marker, and the tarp dimensions must be at least 3' x 3' but no larger than 5' x 5' per marker. A Trapper may only have a capacity of traps equal to his Level.

If anyone steps on the trap after it is set, and the blank side of a Marker is face up, then that person becomes trapped within the man trap and is unable to escape. A Survivor so trapped should sit down on the tarp (but not flip the Marker) and their character breaks a leg (their choice which) - they cannot escape alone but may be assisted out of the trap by any player. An Infected who is trapped remains trapped (they should flip the Marker to an X and recycle or return to the cast area). A trap may securely hold a number of people and/or Infected equal to the number of Markers. Anyone who encounters a trap with a card with a visible X sees a live Infected trapped within. This card may be turned to the blank side by anyone who expends a bullet or is carrying a polearm length weapon - this represents killing the Infected trapped within. Additionally the Infected may be slain by the trap's creator with *any* weapon by making a successful H/T skill test for each Infected within.

If a Survivor steps on a trap with an active Infected Marker, that player should *lie down* on the tarp and place the Marker on their chest (X up) - they have fallen into the trap and been mortally wounded in close-combat with the Infected within, and cannot be treated without first dealing with the Infected. If an Infected steps on a trap with no blank Markers, they have fallen in but there are enough Infected inside that one will climb out over the other(s) - the player should take a knee for 3 seconds, then they may continue forward.

*NOTE* Hiding Traps. Players may (and probably should) hide traps, and may set up flags or other signs to note their location. Infected, if they notice an unhidden trap, may leap over it or otherwise avoid it as they would any other terrain feature. Infected will *not* associate human-made flags with the trap they mark. Remember - even if a hidden trap is flagged, if a Survivor inadvertently steps on it, they *will* fall into the trap, suffering the consequences. A trap should be hidden in such a way that it is instantly apparent to someone who steps on it, even in the dark (i.e. don't hide a trap with materials that completely obscure the sound/texture of the trap material itself).

Removing (collapsing/filling-in) a Trap takes 15 minutes for anyone, 10 for someone with H/T or 5 for a H/T with an assistant, or can be done instantly with a grenade or dynamite.

Man Traps are a pretty experimental mechanic - be aware that we may change or remove them if they don't work out.