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Infection - What We Don't Know

How to Fix It, or Even What the Hell It Is

We don't know. It's safe to say that every one of the world's smartest people who *could* were working on Infection from shortly after Outbreak right up until Collapse. No one found a cure, or a vaccine, or even a verifiable explanation (that they publicized, anyway) for what was happening. I'm sure they did their best, but remember the situation - Outbreak Day was September 28. Within a week, 75% of major cities were burning. It took another 10 days or so to establish confirmed Secure Zones, and leaders put a strong face on, but those Zones were getting pressed, *hard*. So really all the world's best minds (or the ones who survived the first three weeks or so, anyway, and still had access to equipment) only had two slightly-less-insane weeks to bang at it before Collapse jumped out and raped everyone directly in the ass. It's like that retarded movie 2012 where umpteen apocalypses happened simultaneously. Funny joke on us, we only needed two, and frankly either one by itself was probably enough to do us in anyway.

Anyway, see the what we know link for the list of stuff that is known to be not helpful. IMO, looking for a cure at this point is a waste of time...but depending on how successfully one survives these days I suppose it's better than whacking it to 3P.

Where Did It Come From?

We don't know. The first reported Outbreaks were in Virginia and China, separated by only a couple of days, so we have to consider them independent. Terrorism is an easy guess, then, as the US and China were the top dogs at the time - but like Collapse, no one claimed responsibility. It's possible it spread more easily than the hypothetical terrorists had hoped, so they kept quiet out of an uncharacteristic sense of self-preservation.

Is it Still Grandma In There?

We don't know. But given we couldn't do anything about it if it was (see above), we're sure she'd prefer you send her to Jesus than risk her "unintentionally" hurting you. She's nice like that.

How Long Can This Fucking Last?

We don't know. They're alive, so they need to eat and drink - but they do that quite capably - fucking twinkie hogs, goddammit. They don't seem to have as much need for shelter as we do either, so winter's not an issue. It's been almost two years now - from the reports I get, I'd say they're thinning out, but the rate of decline is leveling. I hope they'll die of old age or random accident eventually...but as long as there are survivors having fresh babies, there will be young healthy bodies to get Infected and kill us. The smart money is on them in the long run.