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If you can keep a horse healthy (and fed), it seems like a good idea. But we don't have many good resources on how to care for a horse post-oops. Plus, it seems certain there aren't many of them left...Infected, particularly large groups, are able to run down to exhaustion most large game.

Things to keep in mind:

  • If a horse is hot/sweaty, do not pour/spray cold water on it - this can fuck them up bad. Do give them the option to drink water often.
  • Grass and hay is the best over-all food, but remember it takes them a relatively long time to get enough from grazing. If you can supplement with corn/grains, that's good, but make sure they get grass too to keep their digestion going.
  • A horse needs just as much rest as you do. It can walk for most of a day, but if you have to go faster to avoid Infected (and a horse will need no prompting, see below) remember to rest the horse for five times as long as you ran it.
  • Infected will *freak horses out*. You pretty much lose your ability to make navigation decisions if your horse hears or sees an Infected, and though your horse is fast it is not smart - be ready to jump off and go it alone if it makes a critical mistake.

If you have better (*recent*) info, tell us on the forums.